Exciting news as research that Tim Crook undertook in Sydney is published. This involved the invention of a new technique for tendon transfer surgery. The abstract from the Journal of Hand Surgery is included below.

The Pulvertaft weave has been the standard tendon junction technique used both in tendon transfers and tendon grafts. A limitation of this repair is the sequential failure of stabilizing sutures, rather than the tendon. A novel loop weave is described and compared with the Pulvertaft weave in biomechanical performance. Ovine deep flexor and extensor tendons were used to simulate Pulvertaft or loop weaves (n = 11) for tensile testing. The Pulvertaft weaves failed at the stabilizing sutures, whereas the loop weaves repairs failed by longitudinal splitting of the motor tendon. The loop weave demonstrated significantly higher mean initial failure and ultimate strengths. Tensile loads required to elongate the loop weave by 4, 6, and 8 mm were significantly higher, while more displacement was associated with the Pulvertaft repair under the application of 50, 75, and 100 N tensile loads. This study demonstrates favourable biomechanical characteristics of the new loop weave technique.